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Let's Explore!Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom

Explore Farms through Virtual Farm Field Trips.

Utilize the online e-learning lab with all the online agricultural education resources we are currently offering organized into grade levels

Bonneville Power Administration

Download the renewable energy activity book "Splash, Zippie & The Hydro Pals: How electricity moves from nature to your home"! (PDF)

Travel Oregon

Kids getting antsy at home? Try these unofficial lesson plans that are all about Oregon: Families' Guide to Oregon Activities at Home

Oregon’s Mount Hood Territory

Children can learn about the westward trek with a special activity book by Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. Inside they’ll match animals to their tracks, learn hand gestures used between pioneers and Native American tribes, connect the dots and more. Download it here: The Oregon Trail Activity & Coloring Book (PDF)

National Agriculture in the Classroom

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