Discover Morrow County and all of the unique industries located within the Port of Morrow. Learn about what makes the Port of Morrow successful and why these industries chose to locate here.

Hands-on exhibits feature the sophisticated technologies used by growers and the related industries at the Port of Morrow, and communicate the passion and knowledge of the people who work for these businesses.

Port of Morrow to the World

World exhibit

Find out where products from Morrow County are shipped all over the world! Experience the effects local products have on the world.

Processing Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic sculpture display

How does a potato get from the field to your table? Discover through our processing sculpture.

Agriculture Today


How good are you at planting corn in a straight line? Find out and compare your skills to the GPS technology farmers currently use.

The Big Picture

Hot Air Balloon exhibit

The Hot Air Balloon Ride is open in a temporary state at this time and will be undergoing its remodel soon.